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Please Note: These are the products and methods that
have proven to work best for the safe and quick healing
of my tattoo work.




Tattoo Aftercare

Always wash your hands before touching your new tattoo.

Remove bandage after 24 hours and DO NOT re-bandage.

Wash with lukewarm water and original DAWN dish-soap
to remove any plasma from the tattooed area. 

After washing the tattoo, pat dry with a clean towel, allow to
  air dry for approx. 20 minutes and apply a small amount of 
  Fragrance-Free  LUBRIDERM hand lotion.              

      * Wash three times daily for the first three days, daily thereafter.    

      * Apply Fragrance-Free  LUBRIDERM lotion approx. 5 - 6
         times a day for the first two weeks.

Keep your new tattoo from sun/sun-tanning bed exposure
  and DO NOT  swim or soak your tattoo for AT LEAST three

       * As exposure to UV rays damages tattoo pigments, it is
        important to ALWAYS use a powerful sunblock if you
        plan on being in the sun after your tattoo is healed. 

Your tattoo will peel like a sunburn in approx. 7 - 10 days.
  DO NOT pick at or scratch your tattoo.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, Please contact us.

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